Why Signal Vine?

Reach Students

Text messages reach students, unlike email. Nearly every student has a phone, and 83% of phone subscribers have unlimited text messaging. While 63% text daily, only 6% email each day.

Expand Coverage

By automating the basic communication with scheduled texts, counselors have shown they can service four times (4x) as many students as before.

Reduce Administration

Nearly 60% of inquiries are basic information, which scheduled text messages can be designed to proactively answer.

Increase Results

By complementing counselor efforts, research has shown an increase in college matriculation by as much as 15% at a fraction of the cost per student.

Signal Vine’s web services enables your organization to leverage text messaging in meaningful ways and realize improved results for a fraction of the cost of other communication methods.

Having Impact

With nearly 100% reach and an active youth culture, text messaging is the best way to reach students.

When layered with technology that provides personalization and custom message flows, text messaging has the power to prompt student action, connect students to counselors, and provide students with information they may not have otherwise had.

Text messages leverage a growing body of research in behavioral economics that shows personalized prompts and nudges can have large and positive impacts on students' outcomes.






“Partnering with Signal Vine has expanded and transformed the way we provide high-quality support to our students!  Their texting platform allows us to meet students where they are at – on their phones – with ongoing, personalized communication.  These are not just text-based updates sent without any tracking or response – students can reply to each message and receive additional guidance or support via text from a staff member, and that entire interaction is tracked by Signal Vine so I can add the data to each student’s uAspire file.

Their platform is easy and efficient to use, enabling me to stretch limited staff resources to serve thousands more students in a personal and high-quality way, especially those in postsecondary programs located all over the country.”

— Erin Cox, President – uAspire

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“We’re excited to get behind the research that shows text messaging enables college access and success programs to serve more students and get better outcomes for them.   There is real value in a tool like text messaging that can streamline the work of these programs and enable them to reach more students who need support.”

–  Elizabeth Morgan, Director of External Relations