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GEAR UP Week: How Can Signal Vine Make Your Life Easier?

by Samantha Yi | September 21, 2017
GEAR UP Week: How Can Signal Vine Make Your Life Easier?

Happy GEAR UP Week! We partner with many GEAR UP programs nationwide to help students get to and through college. With that said, we take GEAR UP Week very seriously at Signal Vine.

When it comes to improving student outcomes, no other texting platform has the research, knowledge, and experience to ensure students have a great experience with texting. But how can Signal Vine improve the experience for GEAR UP staff?


Signal Vine offers a user-friendly inbox with similar features as an email inbox, so the platform feels familiar. Also, you work with a world-class customer success team. The team walks you through the entire implementation and management processes and provides training and resources so that you write and time your messages for optimal engagement. Click here to learn more about our customer success team.

Case management

With Signal Vine, you'll set up unlimited groups of students and multiple levels of staff permissions so case management is a breeze. You can pre-schedule text messages to seamlessly align with your existing communications calendar, and personalize and route them to the appropriate student. When a student texts back, don’t worry about wading through your colleagues’ students as well as your own. You’ll only receive messages from the students assigned to you, keeping your inbox personal and easy to manage.


When working with Signal Vine, there’s no need to worry about compliance with federal regulations. Students who text back “cancel” or “stop,” are automatically opted out of the program. This saves you from manually removing students from the platform.


Finally, Signal Vine offers automation and workflow management features to save staff time. You're left with more capacity to do what’s most important – helping students! Set up automated replies to go out when students ask a generic question or send in an anticipated text response to save yourself the time and trouble of manually responding to hundreds or thousands of the same message.

BONUS: GEAR UP resource

We wanted to make the Signal Vine experience the best it can be for GEAR UP staff. As a result, we've compiled some great texting tips for GEAR UP staff to use with their students. Click here to check it out.

How is nudge technology being used in higher education?
How is nudge technology being used in higher education?
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