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Increase Parent Engagement with a Texting Program

by Jeff Mutimer | November 20, 2018
Increase Parent Engagement with a Texting Program

We’re continually learning from our customers here at Signal Vine.  Most recently, we’ve been excited to welcome and learn from Vroom, an early learning initiative of the Bezos Family Foundation that helps parents and caregivers boost their child’s brain development in the early years of life. Last year, Vroom partnered with DoSomething Strategic to create and launch Vroom by Text. Vroom is now working with Signal Vine to increase parent engagement during early child learning with text nudges.

Vroom by Text is distinctive in that it’s designed to provide personalized text paths for families based on the age of their children. Each unique automated text highlights Vroom Brain Building Moments© that inspire parents to turn everyday chores into a learning opportunity. The text sequences are interactive and include three messages that deepen the learning. Finally, the program is offered in English and Spanish, with delivery in the morning or evening, and the Signal Vine platform supports these preferences.

Vroom chose to work with Signal Vine because our platform combines the power of automation and personalization. This allows them to reach a large number of parents while using the unique identifiers to personalize messages. The platform can also flag responses to messages that don’t fit the flow and that might need individual attention from program leaders.

Vroom is based on three core science principles. 1) Create positive adult-child relationships, 2) foster back and forth interaction and 3) drive life skills that promote executive function. Vroom tips are written with leaders in neuroscience, psychology, behavioral economics, parenting, and early childhood development.

I pulled this Brain Building Tip from the Vroom website using my own son’s details.

increase parent engagement

Increase Parent Engagement

Vroom by Text is a timely reminder that reaches parents while on they’re on the go, whether that is at out-and-about, at home, or in-between. I know I could often use the reminder to engage with my children when I’m busy with the everyday duties of a parent. Now, I get that reminder and an easy brain-building tip right on my device.

Scientific research demonstrates the importance of engaging parents in learning like Vroom is doing. Now Vroom is harnessing the accessibility of texting as a way to increase parent engagement in early childhood brain development.

Drive Education Gains

Our mission at SV is to inspire meaningful conversation. We fundamentally believe that conversation done the right way can close information, access, and equity gaps while also enriching relationships. We are fortunate to count almost 300 education organizations who share this belief and have partnered with us to move the needle on their important goals. We’ve worked with a number of college access organizations who are engaging parents via text for issues like deadlines, financial aid, and student support. And we’re seeing more interest from higher education institutions to engage parents in the admission process and financial aid. Not to mention many institutions are doubling efforts to engage with students who are also parents and adult learners. In each of these cases, an engagement platform like Signal Vine is an invaluable tool to continue texting parents.

We’re excited about the new opportunity with Vroom, and to see how they will increase parent engagement. Above all, we look forward to continued learning to drive education gains.

What other ways are education leaders engaging parents?

Want to see how you can deploy campus-wide texting examples across the year?
Want to see how you can deploy campus-wide texting examples across the year?
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