Alumni engagement

Engage alumni early in their careers

Engage alumni early in their careers, shortly after graduation, when they are most likely to feel connected to their alma mater.

Follow up on donation commitments

Manage donation commitments and giving with timely reminders and real-time updates on donation performance.

Generate immediate responses

Message alumni with timely information to generate an immediate response to local events, giving events or alumni chapters.

Ideas for messaging alumni

Create new alumni engagement programs when students are most excited. Manage program types to make each message relevant for your alumni.

Prompt alumni with timely reminders that have real-time information so you can generate response and meet your fundraising goals.

Create local alumni connections, provide nudges for events and manage large chapters.

Hi Juan. Congrats on graduation! We're excited for your success and would like to invite you to join our alumni connection here:
Thank you. If I sign up, am I going to get a lot of messages?
No, we'll provide you with the most relevant updates and let you choose which programs you'd like to receive.
Great, just signed up!
Hi Juan. Signal Vine University is just a few thousand dollars away from meeting our published fundraising goal. Have you made your donation?
Not yet. Can you send the link?
You bet! You can donate today here: Thanks for helping us meet our goals!
Hi Juan. Heads-up that SV alumni are meeting at Rock Creek Park for a cookout next Sat at 2pm. You can join our standing DC chapter here:
Hi Juan. Just a reminder about the cookout at Rock Creek Park tomorrow. Are you able to join us?
Oh right, thanks for the reminder. I'll see you there.

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