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Hi [First Name]! This is [First Name], your academic advisor. It doesn’t look like you’ve registered for classes yet for the Spring semester. Do you need any help?

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Can I make an appointment to meet with you to talk about my class schedule?

Yes! The advising office is moving all of their appointments to a virtual setting. You can navigate to the website for the Zoom link:

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Ok thanks. How do I declare a major?

Great question – that’s what I’m here for! We can talk about scheduling your Spring 2022 classes and declaring a major in our advising Zoom meeting! Stay safe and watch for updates about any campus closures. ❄️

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Ok, sounds good. Thanks for the help! 👍

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Integrate your CRM or SIS data so that you can segment your students and alumni and send relevant, personalized messages. Signal Vine integrates with most systems, is a preferred partner of Ellucian and Salesforce, and can be found on the AppExchange.

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See how using Signal Vine’s Blended Messaging® approach along with data from your CRM or SIS system, will save you time by targeting the right students with the right personalized text messages at scale. With unlimited users and unlimited messages, our artificial intelligence capabilities will work with you, not in place of you.

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