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Hi Max. It’s your advisor, Jess. We're midway through the new semester so I wanted to check-in and see how you’re feeling. Anything I can help with?
Actually, I am having a hard time finding campus activities that I enjoy.
That’s understandable and pretty common. Would you like to schedule an appointment so we can review some ideas?
I'll do that, thank you.

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Blended Messaging

Signal Vine's Blended Messaging® approach allows you to connect CRM or SIS data to segment and personalize student communication. Automate your messages and responses to save time while quickly identifying those responses that require an individual approach.

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Signal Vine is the foundational platform for nudge research. Researchers at Harvard University were able to demonstrate an 11% increase in matriculation and a 20% increase in persistence using the Signal Vine platform. Today, hundreds of organizations have demonstrated the same ability to guide students and reach enrollment goals.

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Coordinated campus-wide communication allows institutions to improve student experience and ensure successful outreach. Our dedicated customer success team is ready to provide guidance on delivery and best-practice messaging so that you can be the messaging hero at your institution.

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