Do you have what it takes to call yourself a real textpert? Check out the list below and see how you stack up!

1. You Use MMS

Need to advertise an event, send a checklist, or share an encouraging GIF to start the week? Textperts know that sending this information in an MMS is often more effective than sending the information via SMS. Encouraging students to send you an MMS image of documents they’re struggling with is another top textpert move.

Become a Texting Expert

2. You Create Message Flows

Textperts don’t send every message manually; they save time by sometimes letting automation take the lead. Setting up preprogrammed responses to common student texts means that students get answers more quickly.

3. You Know Your Schedule

Textperts know that texting is super fast. They’re always ready to respond to students within an hour of sending a text message. Looking at your institution’s calendar is the best way for textperts to know when to send a powerful, timely text message.

4. You Drive With Data

Data-driven messaging is a textpert must. You use student data in  your messages, you send targeted messages to specific groups of students, and you look at your texting dashboard to see which messages are most effective.

5. You’ve Mastered The Platform

Adding new students to your texting program, inviting new staff users to join, and editing student data in the platform are all steps you can take yourself in the Signal Vine text messaging platform. Textperts know how to take control of their programs and make the most of the platform. They also know how and when to reach out to their Customer Success Representative for extra support.

6. You’re First In Line For Webinars

Textperts never stop learning! You never miss a webinar, whether it’s a refresher session, a best practices discussion, or a new feature announcement. 

7. You Encourage Others To Text

When textperts discover the power of texting students, they want to tell the world! Textperts encourage colleagues to embrace texting as the most effective way of driving student outcomes.

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