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Founded in 2013, Signal Vine was born out of Harvard University research conducted on reducing "summer melt" through advisor-led text nudges. With a proven use case to engage students, our team combined expertise in software and mobile technology to build a product that has grown into higher education's most impactful two-way text messaging platform. Today, hundreds of institutions are using Signal Vine to engage students, staff, and employees. From getting students to college and hitting enrollment goals to retaining students and up-skilling the workforce, our customers are reaching their goals with help from the Signal Vine team. We believe in the power of conversation to build communities and to strengthen the opportunity for all to succeed.

Here are the values that drive our team:

We respect and empathize with one another 🤝

We strive to make an impact through growth 📈

We work with the outcome in mind ⚒️

We collaborate to achieve success 👥

We pride ourselves on “special character” 💯



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