Summer Nudging: Nudge Your Students in the Right Direction

by Jessica Perkins | October 9, 2015
Summer Nudging: Nudge Your Students in the Right Direction

You may be familiar with Summer Nudging and the research around texting students to improve matriculation rates. But what exactly is a text message nudge? And why is it effective?

Nudging is used in many behavioral science interventions, from tracking weight loss progress to influencing political decisions to improve rural literacy rates. A text message nudge is a simple 160-character message that grabs attention and prompts action.

The impact of a nudge is high in education. That’s because text messages:

  1. Simplify complicated processes for students and families (e.g. renewing the FAFSA).
  2. Remind students and families of tasks they haven’t done or didn’t know they needed to do (e.g. accepting financial aid packages).
  3. Shift perceptions by sharing resources and information (e.g. creating a college-going culture).

Baby Hippo Needs a Nudge

Low-cost text message interventions produce powerful results such as increases in matriculation rates, increases in persistence, and increases in scholarship applications completed. In a world of complexity, text message nudging is an easy way to cut through the noise and help students take small steps in the right direction.

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