Tool: Prospective Student Enrollment Management Framework

by Rachel Bishop | October 15, 2020
Tool: Prospective Student Enrollment Management Framework

As leaders build out their communication plans to appeal to undergraduate and graduate recruits, there are four elements that need to be considered:

  1. the institution's features through both the lenses of credentials and the student experience
  2. how the student will benefit from the unique support system offered at their institution
  3. how COVID has made the institution more attuned to the student experience
  4. giving a road map to students as to how they can engage and set a new trajectory for their future.

This Prospective Student Enrollment Management Framework speaks to these elements and provides ideas for communication opportunities through the enrollment funnel. The prospectives are divided into three segments, the 5th-10th grade population, the bachelor's applicant and then those who have their bachelor's and are considering adding more skills and credentials. Each segment of the population has unique needs and thus will need a different approach to communication.

We welcome the opportunity to talk with you further about how this framework may shape your enrollment plan – through texting or at a more strategic level. (If you think that we are missing something, let us know that, too!) Contact us at to set up a time to connect!

View the resource below or click here to download it.

prospective student enrollment management framework

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