Tool: Self-Assessment for Institutional Online Learning Readiness

by Rachel Bishop | November 10, 2020
Tool: Self-Assessment for Institutional Online Learning Readiness

Many institutions have moved to online learning in light of COVID-19. However, for online learning to be successful, it's vital that institutions take the right steps to set their students up for success. For those institutions that moved online due to COVID, there are 5 main steps to take to ease that transition:

  1. Define online learning and terms related to it, such as hybrid and synchronous, to ensure your students know how online learning will look at your school.
  2. Outline the scope of online support offerings available to students, including how students can access tutoring or have their accommodation needs met.
  3. Note the value of online learning and how it has the potential to advance students' career development, skill development, and continuing education.
  4. Make and reinforce the connection between your institution and students. Talk to your students and address their concerns.
  5. Use data to clarify your communication strategy. Student data will inform you on how your students are engaging, feeling, and responding to new formats and opportunities. Use this data to improve how you communicate with students and the support you offer.

Is your institution ready for online learning? Click here to download our Self-Assessment for Institutional Online Learning Readiness. To download our ebook The Transition to Online Learning, click here. Questions? Email us at

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