Have you ever had so many questions that you don’t even know where to begin? It’s overwhelming. It’s also what millions of college students are experiencing as the new school year approaches.

Student Question Via Text

The good news for students: college access organizations and first-year mentoring programs have tons of information, resources, and tips to ease students’ minds and get them excited about college. Don’t wait for students to come to you with questions. Share everything they may need to know to prepare for college in a quick text message.

Here are a few common student questions with real text message answers from Signal Vine users:

“College is expensive! How am I going to pay for tuition?”

With college tuition on the rise, the price tag can spark “sticker shock.” Reach out to students with useful information about scholarships, grants, and cost-saving tips to help make college an affordable reality.

Text from Financial Aid Advisor

Insurance Information via Text

“What do I need to bring for my dorm room? What about school supplies?”

For many students, college is the first time they’re living away from home. Providing links to packing and shopping lists is a simple way to help students start school with everything they need to succeed.

Residence Hall Info Text

How to Buy Books Text

“There are so many classes to choose from! How do I know which ones to take?”

It’s not exactly easy to flip through a course catalog and find classes. Where I attended college, the catalog was a whopping 398 pages! Help students manage the registration process by providing deadline reminders and encouraging students to attend orientation, where they’ll have access to advisors and other campus resources.

Credit Hours Text

Orientation Text

Use these examples to craft strategic and informative messages so students can fully enjoy the new school year.

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