Tis the season of giving and being thankful. This week, we’re thankful for Let’s Get Ready and the work they do to help under-served high school students prepare for college. Let’s Get Ready uses Signal Vine’s text messaging platform to reach students, relay information, and provide support while maintaining a personalized, one-on-one feel.

Victoria Hulit, Director of College Success at Let’s Get Ready, said of their texting program:

“Students are constantly on their phones, so texting was a logical solution to increase student engagement. We use the platform to send crucial reminders to students and they love when we include GIFs or emojis in our texts. Making the texts more casual makes the texting relationship accessible to students and makes them more likely to reach out if they have a question.”

See how Let’s Get Ready increased student engagement and provided timely support to all of the students it serves by downloading the case study below.

Download The Let’s Get Ready Case Study