To kick off 2018, we’re sharing one of our favorite case studies from last year: Summer Nudging at the Minnesota Office of Higher Education. MOHE’s Summer Nudging program uses texting to communicate with over 4,700 college-bound students to keep them on track for college enrollment in the fall. MOHE started using Signal Vine in 2016 to help reduce Summer Melt throughout the state.

Staff say that texting has helped them build more personal relationships with students. Students desperately need informative, data-driven text messages to help them get ready for college, but the relationship-building “fluff” messages that MOHE send also get a high volume of student responses.

Kat Klima, the Summer Nudging Program Manager at the Minnesota Office of Higher Education, expresses the importance of having a real person responding to text messages:

“Ultimately, you can plan the best, most fun and engaging message around, but if you don’t have someone who is able to respond to student inquiries, students won’t trust¬†in your program and the messages will fall on deaf ears.”

See how MOHE gets a 70% engagement rate through texting by reading the case study.

Download the case study