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The Orange County Asian and Pacific Islander Community Alliance (OCAPICA) is dedicated to enhancing the health, and social and economic well-being of Asians and Pacific Islanders in Orange County, California.


OCAPICA was looking for an alternative channel to communicate with temporary and seasonal workers. The team wanted to provide nudge reminders about timesheet due dates and payroll follow up so employees would be paid for their work.


Using Signal Vine’s texting platform, OCAPICA was able to send text message reminders to large groups of workers instead of one-to-one communication. The platform allowed the team to respond to individual questions that required a response. They were still able to automate the outreach and send standard replies to workers that did not require additional support. The team appreciated that multiple users could log-in and use the platform while presenting a single voice to workers.

Workers were much more engaged and the Signal Vine platform provided a more fluid two-way communication channel. OCAPICA personalized responses with tools like emojis and also established personal relationships with workers. They were able to do all of this without providing their own mobile phone numbers. Finally, OCAPICA found that the platform provided a seamless process for connecting specific job inquiries to the right advisor.


During the first use of the platform, the team saw a 49.3% engagement rate for the adult workforce program. They also saw 16% of the groups responding to over 50% of the messages. In addition, they saved up to 2 hours of staff time per nudge which equated to 40 hours of staff in a 4 month period. In summary, the OCAPICA team appreciated that Signal Vine made them more efficient with less work while producing higher levels of engagement with the adult workforce development program.

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