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College access

Help students through the college application process

Break down complex tasks and inspire students to take action on important deadlines like college applications and financial aid submissions.

Reduce "summer melt"

Improve matriculation rates and help more at-risk students make it to college with text nudges that create engagement.

Improve student outcomes

Use text nudges to reach large groups of students and provide access to the right resources. Segment responses by self-identified need so you can extend your advisory reach.

College access texting examples

Guide students through the college application process.

Nudge students to apply for scholarships.

Encourage students to make a choice on decision day.

Application deadlines are approaching! Do you need help with your applications?
Do I have to fill out all pages of the application? Are any optional?
All pages are mandatory except the last page.
Hi Michelle, you can find a list of grants and scholarships at your high school's career office! This is a great way to offset tuition costs!
Do you know when I can meet with a staff member to discuss further?
Their office is open M-F, 8am-6pm. To schedule an appointment, call 800-555-5555.
Thanks, calling now!
It's decision day, Alex! Which college will you be attending?
I am still deciding. What do I have to do to accept?
You will have to make a final decision by 5pm and send your acceptance letter along with your deposit.
Thanks, I'll do that soon.

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Communicating effectively with your campus communities is of paramount importance right now

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