College Access

Whether you’re a statewide system, grant program, college access organization, or K-12 school district, your students will benefit from the high-touch support you provide with a text messaging platform.

Nudge students and families through the complex journey to and through college with timely, personalized text messages.

Use Cases

State Education Agencies
Federal and State Grant Programs
College Access Organizations
K-12 School Districts

Oregon Higher Education Coordinating Commission

The end user experience is simple and easy to use and understand. The options for querying groups of students provide an excellent way to communicate with our students. One of our schools calls Signal Vine the Super Power of communication!

Lori Ellis

College and Career Readiness Specialist

State Education Agencies

Encourage more students in your state to go to and stay in college.

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state gov texting college access

Federal and State Grant Programs

Increase matriculation and persistence for students in your GEAR UP, TRiO, and other grant-funded cohorts.

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College Access Organizations

Motivate students to tackle the deadlines and tasks needed to attend and complete college.

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K-12 School Districts

Nurture a college-going culture with students and families in your school district.

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Steps to Success

Students really do want to communicate with their advisors, but life can get in the way. Texting removes some of the barriers of time and effort involved with email or calling and can make even the most unresponsive student open up.

Kate Featherston

College Success Initiative Advisor