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“Hey Jess! Your college needs your final high school transcript. Have you sent that yet?”

A simple text message can turn a student’s college dreams into reality. With so many steps to take to get to college in the fall, it’s no wonder so many students don’t make it. A text messaging solution is the key to breaking down complex tasks and inspiring students to take action.

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The Power of a Nudge

Signal Vine’s solution is backed by groundbreaking research in nudge theory.

The research shows that you can change behavior and improve decision-making through timely text messages – called nudges.

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Not sure where to start? Browse the latest blog posts to learn how college access orgs use texting to improve outcomes.

From financial aid and registration to test prep and beyond, we’ve got you covered.

West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission

West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission offers college counseling via text message. Students in the program complete more freshman year credits than their peers.

Louisiana Office of Student Financial Assistance

Louisiana Office of Student Financial Assistance increases retention rates for scholarship-eligible students across the state by sending timely text nudges.

Minnesota Office of Higher Education

Minnesota Office of Higher Education reaches nearly 5,000 students across the state to build personal relationships and battle Summer Melt.


What College Access Organizations Say About Texting
Utah Valley University

GEAR UP Outreach Mentor

“Texting has increased the opportunity for a student/staff relationship by making it easier to set up appointments. Once students realize there is someone who they can come to for questions, they are more likely to approach us than a number on caller ID.”

Louisiana Office of Student Financial Assistance

Gus Wales, Director of Communications

“We have found that texting through Signal Vine is the most successful means of communicating vital and timely information to both high school seniors and college freshmen.”


Erin Cox, President

“Signal Vine has expanded and transformed the way we provide high-quality support to our students! The platform is easy and efficient to use, enabling me to stretch limited staff resources to serve thousands more students in a personal and high-quality way.”

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