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College Access Organizations

Nudge students through the complex journey to and through college by:
checkmark-300x300 Sending timely nudges about upcoming tasks and deadlines
checkmark-300x300 Staying in touch with students over the summer as they transition to college
checkmark-300x300 Helping students navigate financial aid, course registration, and more

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Let’s Talk About Text with Commit2Dallas

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Make Texting Work For You

Let’s strategize about how texting can support your college access initiatives

National College Access Network

We’re excited to get behind the research that shows text messaging enables college access and success program to serve more students and get better outcomes for them. There is real value in a tool like text messaging that can streamline the work of these programs and enable them to reach more students who need support.

Elizabeth Morgan

Director of External Relations


Signal Vine has expanded and transformed the way we provide high-quality support to our students! The texting platform allows us to meet students where they are at – on their phones – with ongoing, personalized communication. The platform is easy and efficient to use, enabling me to stretch limited staff resources to serve thousands more students in a personal and high-quality way.

Erin Cox

President, uAspire


In 2012, researchers at the Harvard Graduate School of Education used Signal Vine to send text message “nudges” to recent high school graduates and their families. The text message campaign provided timely information to students about upcoming tasks and deadlines, resulting in an 11% increase in matriculation for those receiving text-based support.