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Discipline Specific Texting Communications

by Molly O'Shaughnessy | May 26, 2021
Discipline Specific Texting Communications

Discipline Specific Communications

As a current college student, I am familiar with the desire for personalized communication. When I receive a personal email from a professor, rather than an obviously mass sent email, I feel much more important. The same thing can be said about communication from the college administration. As an example, I am a marketing major and I love receiving emails from my college about marketing job and internship postings on job sites. However, I do not want to receive emails about postings for jobs in the medical fields or finance fields. I believe that colleges should be using texting to send out discipline specific communications.

Some examples of things that would be very helpful for students to receive texts for include information about the MCAT and applying to medical school for students. This could also include examples of peer tutoring available for things such as the LSAT for pre-law students. It could even be things like information sessions for students interested in consulting. These discipline-specific communications help the students feel more supported through these often difficult to navigate times.

Importance of constant communication

In order to see success in these discipline specific communications, it is important that colleges are consistently communicating and checking in with students. This will make the administrators more approachable. It will also help students to feel less lost and will eliminate the feeling of uncertainty of the future.

Examples of good check-in questions include:

  • “Good luck with exams! Let me know if you need any extra assistance during this busy time!”
  • “Let me know if you need any help with the internship search for this summer!”
  • “If you need any help planning which classes to take next semester, please reach out! I’d be happy to help!”

Ultimately, personalized communication through texting should become a priority of higher education at every college. This personalization is very important to me as a student. Since my college has done a great job of providing me with discipline specific communication, I believe that I am much more likely to think favorably of them as an alumni. Since many schools rely on alumni donating and alumni connections, providing a good relationship between students and the school during their time will likely result in favorable outcomes in the future!

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Put the Best Practices to work with this practical guide to texting across the student journey.
Put the Best Practices to work with this practical guide to texting across the student journey.
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