Signal Vine's Summer Melt Resources

by Rachel Bishop | May 7, 2020
Signal Vine's Summer Melt Resources

We’re just about to settle into the summer months. This will be an unusual time for students who have plans to attend college. As we all know, higher ed is in a state of flux at the moment. Right now, we have more uncertainties than certainties. From deciding whether classes will be on-campus or online this fall to figuring out this year’s commencement plans, higher ed pros clearly have a lot on their plates.

However, they aren’t the only ones dealing with some tough decisions. Students are feeling the pressure, too. Many students who had college plans are deciding not to attend this fall. This phenomenon, known as summer melt, is expected to impact far more students than usual this year. While there could be many factors at play here, it’s likely that the COVID-19 pandemic has added to this burden of choice for students.

So, what can higher ed pros do to help ensure students don’t fall victim to summer melt? We’ve compiled all of our summer melt resources below. We hope that these will help you brainstorm efforts for your institution to keep your incoming students on track to matriculating.

[Blog] What is Summer Melt?

This blog dives into what summer melt is and how institutions can work to prevent it. Also, it introduces the summer melt research that proved that text message campaigns can help students matriculate. You can read the blog here.

[Blog] What Causes Summer Melt and Signal Vine’s History Behind It

Signal Vine was born out of Harvard research on summer melt. You can read more about the causes of summer melt and how Signal Vine partners with institutions to prevent it by reading this blog.

[Blog] Five Ways Texting Can Reduce Summer Melt

As its title suggests, this blog details five ways that texting can combat summer melt. You can read the full blog here.

[Infographic] Summer Melt

This resource details what summer melt is, the main culprit behind it, and how texting can help prevent it. You can check out the full-size infographic here.

[Info Page] College Access

This page on Signal Vine’s website provides more information on how texting can be used to reduce summer melt. Also, it includes several text message examples for college access pros. You can read this blog here. 

[Case Study] CollegeBound Foundation: Decrease Summer Melt Rates

Some of our favorite summer melt resources come directly from our partners through case studies. Check out this case study to learn how the CollegeBound Foundation used texting in their plan to combat summer melt. As a result, the Foundation was able to help more students attend college. Read more in the case study.

[Case Study] NCAN: Nudging Students to Beat Summer Melt

With a reach of 2 million students, NCAN and its member organizations help students beat summer melt and matriculate in the fall. The organization and its members use text messaging via the Signal Vine platform to help support students’ transition from high school to college. Read more about this program, including a 75% engagement rate and 64% response rate, in the case study.

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Learn how to help rising sophomores feel a part of the college community.
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