How to Communicate with Students Throughout the Admissions Funnel


Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology

Communicating throughout the admissions funnel

This webinar features our collection of text examples and best practices for communicating across the admissions funnel, originally published in Nudging Students Through the Academic Life Cycle ebook. We were joined by Amanda Marstaller, Director of Institutional Reporting from Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology, who discusses how they are communicating throughout the admissions funnel.

In 2016, BFIT staff noted three main challenges they faced in communicating with students. First, students were simply not checking their emails or voicemails. In fact, students complained about receiving voicemails.

The BFIT team realized that there was no easy way to communicate with students during the admissions process. They knew that students needed information in a timely manner as they progressed through the process. Students confirmed their desire for relevant information to keep them on track. However, the staff lacked a proper channel to provide this direction given that emails and voicemails were not working.

Finally, staff desired a way to support students all the way through their second year of college. The BFIT admissions team realized that to truly support students, the team would need to use a medium that the students preferred. While students complained about receiving voicemails, they requested that staff turn to texting. With this, admissions staff had a game plan and turned to Signal Vine for help in reaching their students.

In this webinar, you’ll learn the steps BFIT took to implement texting at their institution as well as results which include a 50% engagement rate.