Are you a believer in texting, but your boss doesn’t think it will work for your institution? Share the statistics and research in this article to build your case for a text messaging platform.

Texting is the best way to reach students.

Text messaging has a wider reach than any other means of communication, especially among younger populations. Texting is one of the few methods of communicating that effectively reaches students of all income brackets, since SMS doesn’t require an internet connection or data plan. Every cell phone is enabled for text messages.

Quick stats:

It’s proven.

Dozens of recent peer-reviewed research projects highlight the positive impact of text messaging on student outcomes.

Quick stats:

Students appreciate text nudges.

Text messages don’t disappear into the void like emails do. Students actually read their text messages, and then they take action.

Quick stats:

  • 86% of students who are texted by their institution report that text messages prompt them to do something they haven’t done
  • 85% of students who are texted by their institution report that text messages inform them about something they didn’t know

It’s secure.

  • Signal Vine’s text messaging platform is 100% FERPA compliant
  • Every interaction between students and staff is logged and archived
  • It’s easy to set up customized accounts and permissions for staff users
  • It’s fully compliant with FCC texting guidelines

Signal Vine provides an effective two-way, intelligent text messaging platform that delivers high student engagement and statistically significant outcomes and we want you to be apart of the great experience. Hopefully these resources can help nudge your boss to extend your communications platform with Signal Vine. Good luck!

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