COVID Communications Toolkit: Key Audiences & Messages

by Rachel Bishop | June 29, 2020
COVID Communications Toolkit: Key Audiences & Messages

Part two of a three-part series that offers strategies, guides, checklists, and helpful tips on COVID-19 communications planning. View part one, which provides a self-assessment, best practices, and a messaging checklist for planning for fall here. View part three on optimizing and executing your plan here.

COVID-19 Communications Planning

In part one of our COVID Communications Toolkit, we talked about the main considerations for institutions as they work on their COVID-19 communications planning for fall. Clearly, this year’s communications will look differently from those in years past.

This year, there may be new protocols, waivers, and forms to note in your communications. Further, students, especially incoming freshmen, will need more support as they begin a new academic year. These considerations will likely apply to all institutions, whether fall classes will be held on campus, online, or both. As a result of the unique challenges of COVID-19, institutions will need to think carefully about their communications plan.

Key audiences and messages

COVID-19 communications planningThis week, we’ll dive deeper into the content of your messages as you continue your COVID-19 communications planning for fall. Ideally, the goal of your communications strategy for the fall semester will be to reduce confusion and build trust through proactive, directional, caring, and responsive messaging. Your message content will vary between audiences. For example, the messages you send to your rising seniors will probably be very different from those you send to incoming freshmen. However, no matter who you're texting, you should work to build trust and serve as a source for information. In turn, students will know exactly where to go when they need help.

To help you with your COVID-19 communications planning, we’ve created a guide that breaks down potential message content for each audience group. Also, we’ve included tips for faculty who may be communicating with students during this time. You can download the guide here.

Learn more

We've hosted a webinar to discuss key audiences and messages. You can watch the webinar recording here.

Learn how to help rising sophomores feel a part of the college community.
Learn how to help rising sophomores feel a part of the college community.
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