Picture the perfect office setting. Does your picture include lots of white walls, cubicles, and no dogs? Probably not. We can’t help you with the white walls or cubicles, but we can tell you first-hand how awesome it is having office dogs. At Signal Vine, every day is “Bring Your Dog to Work Day.” Dog-friendly workplaces are a huge opportunity for employers and employees. Here’s why:

Last year, Banfield Pet Hospital conducted a study that surveyed employees and human resources decision makers at U.S. companies. They found that 7 in 10 of the workers surveyed believe that allowing pets in the workplace makes a positive impact on office dynamics. The study also found that pet-friendly offices improve work relationships and create a greater work-life balance.

We see these same results – and more! – in our dog-friendly office in Alexandria, VA. When our furry friends visit, we’re happier and less stressed. Senior Customer Success Associate Andrew Kuhn says, “Having dogs in the office gives me the opportunity to step outside and get some exercise with them. Also, who doesn’t love dogs?” We agree!

See photos below of some of our recent four-legged visitors:

Meet Maisie: Brian Kathman’s Goldendoodle

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Meet Cotton: Stephanie Sweetland’s Sheepadoodle

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Meet Bo: Hunter Watts’ Rat Terrier

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