Nudging by Text: Best Practices

Are you nudging or nagging?

Nudging broadly is defined as “coaxing or gently encouraging (someone) to do something.” In the context of education, nudging
is specific communication that helps move a student through their educational journey. A number of recent studies have explored effective and ineffective uses of nudging.

The bottom line? Nudging can achieve desired outcomes when used strategically. Successful nudging not only benefits students, but it benefits staff, too. With large caseloads, staff can be overwhelmed by redundant questions from students.

As an educational professional, you can use text-based nudging to significantly improve outcomes for every one of your students. When done with intentionality and thoughtfulness, nudging has significant benefits for students, helping them to complete the processes and build relationships necessary for success.

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  1. The theoretical basis for nudging
  2. Different types of nudging
  3. Best practices for nudging
  4. How to leverage the Signal Vine platform for optimal student engagement