Strategies for Engaging Your At-Risk Students


Avoiding Student Drop Outs

Engage Your At-Risk Students

Watch the recording and review the findings from the ebook Student Retention Guidebook: 5 Strategies to Engage At-Risk Students.

We were joined by Alice Anne Bailey, Ph.D., a Higher Education Consultant, as she discussed how educators can surpass retention goals by adapting tactics and creating an inviting campus to better engage today’s at-risk and underrepresented students.

This webinar also featured a special bonus case study, presented by Shawn Devine, Director of Communications and Web Services at Olympic College. Shawn discussed how his team was able to retain at-risk students with texting, which resulted in securing $280,000 in revenue in one academic year. You can read the Olympic College Case Study and learn more about their program that retained students. 

Download the guidebook to learn more about the causes of student drop out, steps you can take to increase engagement, and tactics that institutions are using to combat this problem.