You’re on the right track if you’re already texting students, but you may not realize that the way you text students can make or break your texting relationship. As students, we know when a text is coming from a machine and when it’s coming from a person. We want to talk to real people at our colleges to help us get through the processes and deadlines we deal with every day. One fun and easy way to build stronger relationships between staff and students is to use emojis in your texts.

A University of Missouri-St. Louis study found that using smiley faces makes the recipient like the sender more, and also makes the recipient feel more liked by the sender. Seeing smiley faces activates the same parts of the brain as seeing a real human face. The more comfortable a student feels with the person texting him, the more likely he will be to respond to the text and follow up on necessary tasks. Texting us in a personal way establishes that comfortable relationship right away.

But don’t feel like you have to stick to just smileys! Try out different emojis in your texts. For example, text students “You’re all set 👍 ” when they’ve successfully registered for classes or “Don’t forget about the freshmen BBQ tonight at 6  🎉  ” to get them excited about an upcoming event.

The 7 Most Useful Emojis for Texting Students

Thumbs Up, Great Job 👍
Celebrating, Great Job 🙌
You’ve Got This, You’re Strong 💪
Laughing 😂
Cool, All Set 😎
Check This Out 👈

Congratulations, Way to Go 👏

The Emoji Dictionary is a great resource to help you find the perfect emoji for every conversation. One or two emojis is enough to do the trick.

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About the author: Jessica is a senior at the George Washington University, where she’s studying marketing. She’s the Business Development Intern and keeps the team updated on the latest mobile trends for college students.