Faculty Texting: A New Connection With Your Students

Building Faculty-Student Connections

Building on Signal Vine’s success with supporting students outside of the classroom, Faculty Texting supports faculty directly engaging with their students. Faculty can send personalized messages to specific groups of students, sections, or individual students based on their unique situation. Signal Vine is committed to ensuring that each and every student has the support they need to successfully complete their courses through both proactive outreach and simplified access to their faculty and academic support system.


Strong Faculty-Student Engagement Drives Academic Outcomes

Guide new students

• Reinforces that the academic machine is set up to help.

• Acclimates students to the class and support resources more quickly.

• Sets standards and expectations for behavior and performance.

Recognizes the diversity of student need

• Guides deeply engaged students - honors programs, affiliation programs with a goal of 1:1 engagement.

• Identifies under-engaged students to the benefit of additional outreach and support.

Supports retention

• Recognizes students have multiple classes and every section has a unique cadence, structure, expectations.

• Assists students with managing time and stress.

• Encourages performance based conversations.

Mitigates faculty workload

• Streamlines communication, on a comfortable communication channel for students.

• Complements advising.

• Supplements early warnings and supplemental academic support.

Improve the Student Experience With Faculty Texting

✓ Remind students of support for upcoming assignments
✓ Reach out to students who haven’t shown up to class
✓ Answer questions about assignments
✓ Address group assignment issues

Faculty Texting Features

Opening the support channel

Making it easy for students to reach out to faculty with personal questions and faculty to text 1:1, in small groups, or with every student in their current sections.

Retain faculty privacy

Removing the insecurity of having to share their personal phone numbers, each faculty has a unique local phone number for students to reach them directly.

Secure archiving

Central console to manage faculty-student conversation history. Simplifying the faculty's insight into the previous interactions, instructions, or concerns.

Shared inbox

Allowing faculty in team teaching models to share the ability to text and receive incoming student texts and keep the conversation moving.

Versatility across and within sections

Recognizing that some texts need to go to all students across sections but most must be addressed to specific sections, subgroups, or 1:1 with a student.

Reaching the right students

Keeping course rosters updated based on immediate SIS data ensures that only the students in the section are getting relevant guidance.

Connect faculty and staff to students' preferred channel of communication.

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