4 Tips to Text Students About Scholarships

by Rachel Bishop | January 6, 2020
4 Tips to Text Students About Scholarships

Each year, the U.S. Department of Education, colleges, and universities award $46 billion in grant and scholarship money. Despite the number of students who obtain scholarships to pay for college, many misconceptions about scholarships exist. Some students believe they will have to pay them back. Others believe scholarships aren’t worth applying for because their families make too much. This makes the topic a great fit as part of your texting campaign.

Below, we’ll offer four tips to text students about scholarships to help students pay for college.

1. Explain what scholarships are and what they entail.

Your texting campaign is a great opportunity to help your students learn the facts about scholarships. You might consider texting students bits of information so they know what makes a scholarship a unique type of financial aid.

tips to text students about scholarships

2. Text students with relevant scholarship opportunities.

With Signal Vine, you can target students with scholarship opportunities relevant to them. This is possible because the platform allows you to use an unlimited number of profile fields for students. You can also sync information from their existing student database to transfer data with ease. Whether you need to segment by location, GPA, major, or any other factor, Signal Vine makes this segmentation easy.

From there, you can tailor text messages to various student categories, letting students know about relevant scholarships. The best part is that only one student message per category is needed. The Signal Vine platform will do the rest. As a result, each student will receive a unique and personal text.

tips to text students about scholarships

3. Text students to remind them of application open dates and key deadlines.

Some scholarships require that students apply yearly. At the same time, virtually all scholarships have deadlines. Sending students a nudge via text can help them stay on track to applying for relevant scholarships.

With Signal Vine, you won’t have to worry about sending the same reminder text to students who have already applied for a scholarship. This is because you can use profile fields to track whether students have applied for an opportunity. Then, you can program your message to reach students who have not yet indicated that they have applied for the scholarship.

tips to text students about scholarships

4. Text students to keep them updated on the status of their applications.

Of course, students may get a bit antsy while waiting to hear back about a scholarship opportunity. Texting can be a great way to keep them informed about the status of their applications. In turn, your financial aid offices may experience fewer calls and/or emails from students who wish to check on their application’s status.

tips to text students about scholarships

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You can learn more about texting to enhance the financial aid process for students by visiting our blog. Also, our Nudging Students Through the Academic Life Cycle ebook features more tips like these. You can download it below.

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Learn how to help rising sophomores feel a part of the college community.
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