Relationship Building with Your Alumni


Forming trusting relationships with your alumni

The recorded webinar, Alumni 101: How to Form Lifelong Relationships with Your Graduates stemmed from Signal Vine’s playbook, The Alumni Engagement Playbook: How To Foster Lifelong Relationships With Your Graduates. 

The playbook dives into the importance of seeing alumni as lifelong clients, alumni data, and engaging students to turn them into future brand ambassadors.

We wanted to go a step further and hear firsthand from higher ed alumni leaders and see their examples for improving relationships with their future and current alumni.

To do so, we brought in the following higher ed experts:

  • Adam Compton, Executive Director of Annual Giving at NC State
  • Leigh Greenfelder, Assistant Vice President, Advancement Communications at Kent State
  • Dr. Alice Anne Bailey, Higher Education Consultant
  • Jeff Mutimer, Chief Growth Officer at Signal Vine