Did you know that Signal Vine was born out of summer melt research? That’s right – we’ve been working since day one with college access organizations to address the problem of summer melt. Over the years, we’ve worked with dozens of GEAR UP programs around the country to help get college-intending students on campus in the fall.

The research started with Drs. Ben Castleman and Lindsay Page when they sent a series of personalized text messages to college-intending students over the summer before their first semester of college. They saw an 11% increase in matriculation that fall, setting the stage for college access organizations to use texting as a solution to address summer melt.

Since then, Signal Vine has continued to work with many summer melt programs, seeing high levels of engagement and increased matriculation rates. Customers like Nankya from College Possible and Sagar from the Commit! Partnership have shared with us how powerful and effective texting has been for their college access programs programs.

Our customers have seen incredible results, such as CollegeBound Foundation‘s finding that students receiving text support enroll in college at a 6% higher rate than those not receiving text support. The CollegeBound Foundation also noted that students are much more responsive to texts over the summer (70%) than during the school year (30%), making those summer nudges crucial to fully supporting college-intending students.

We love working with summer melt programs and seeing the results that come from working hard to mitigate summer melt. Whether it’s friendly reminders, checking in for questions, or music video releases, text message nudging is always the most effective way to get students enrolling in and persisting through college.

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