A spine-tingling tale familiar to anyone who regularly interacts with students…. 


Students no longer respond to traditional forms of communication.

If you try to call them, they won’t answer. Most of the time, their voicemail is full or not even set up. Emails go into a black hole. Snail mail gets used as a coaster and then forgotten.

It’s spooky….


It’s almost like the student was never there at all.

Spooky Grave Yard

To avoid being ghosted, use a texting platform like Signal Vine to securely message with students in a way that looks personalized. Filter students to make sure only relevant messages are sent to the right group. Send emojis and show off your personality to prove you’re not a robot.

Spooked by lack of student responses?

Learn how to ghost bust


About the author: Stephanie Sweetland is the Director of Business Development at Signal Vine. She has over eight years of experience working in education. She loves Halloween and has probably had too much caffeine today.