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The Definitive Guide for Higher Education Communications During COVID-19

communicating with students through covid-19

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There is a lot of uncertainty when it comes to the Coronavirus. We know your students and staff have questions and you want to be proactive. To help, we put together higher ed resources that will help with communicating with students through COVID-19.

[Webinar recording] Communicating Through COVID-19: Supporting Students’ Mental Health

Supporting students’ mental health at this time is critical to helping them persist and achieve their academic goals. In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, Signal Vine recently hosted a webinar with the experts at Active Minds on how institutions can talk to their students about mental health and support them from a distance during this difficult time.

During this session we discussed:

• How COVID-19 is impacting students’ mental health

• How administrators can talk to their students about mental health

• Best practices and actionable tips for communicating with students about this topic

• A sample text message campaign you can leverage to communicate with your students about mental health

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[Blog] Signal Vine's Summer Melt Resources

With all that’s happening in the world, summer melt is expected to plague more students than usual this year. We put together all of our summer melt resources to help you combat the phenomenon.

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[Blog] The COVID-19 Impact on College Admissions

The COVID-19 impact on college admissions will require institutions to rethink their recruiting efforts. This blog touches on how admissions professionals can rethink their strategies to meet students where they are.

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[Blog] NACAC's Changes to the College Admissions Process

NACAC’s changes to the college admissions process have added to the changing landscape in which admissions officers work. Learn how admissions pros can adapt to these changes.

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[Webinar recording] Current High School Students' Perspectives in the COVID-19 World

Just like today’s college students, today’s high school students are adjusting to this new world. What are they thinking about? How does this change their plans after graduation? Are they rethinking their options? How are they preparing for postsecondary education? Join us for a webinar with high school students from across the country to hear first-hand about their experiences during COVID-19.

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[Blog] High School Seniors' Perspectives During COVID-19

This blog is a follow-up to the webinar presented by Signal Vine and Dr. Jayne Caflin Fonash, Ed.D., President of NACAC. It features key takeaways on high school seniors’ perspectives during COVID-19.

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[Ebook] The New Admissions Roadmap: Navigating a Newly Digital and Competitive World

Signal Vine’s The New Admissions Roadmap: Navigating a Newly Digital and Competitive World Ebook dives into the student recruitment and enrollment process and how educators have an increased pressure on student recruiters and admissions counselors to bring in much-needed tuition revenue. In addition, current evolving events like COVID-19 and NACAC changes are affecting how the admissions world operates.

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[Webinar recording] Current College Students' Perspectives in the COVID-19 World

We recently hosted a webinar with college students from all over the country to better understand how they are adjusting to this new world related to COVID-19.

They continue to show their resiliency and flexibility as they adjust to the new plans institutions execute to keep students, faculty, and staff safe. They answered questions like how their plans have changed, how are they rethinking their options, how they are staying connected to their communities, etc.

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[Webinar recording] Communicating through COVID-19: A Panel Discussion

Watch the recording as expert panelists and institutional leaders discuss how they’re conducting campus-wide communications in light of COVID-19. Participants will walk away with best practices and ideas on how to ensure the right message is sent to the right people at the right time.

This webinar was moderated by Signal Vine’s CEO, Brian Kathman. The higher ed expert panelists included…

  • Edward Conroy, Associate Director of Research Communication at the Hope Center for College, Community, and Justice
  • Liz Richter, Senior Director, Division of Student Success at The University of Texas at Arlington
  • Alice Anne Bailey, Ph.D., Higher Education Consultant
  • Jesse Boeding, University of Pennsylvania Doctoral Student
  • Adil Dittmer, Account Manager at Signal Vine

Watch the recording

[Blog] Communicating with Your Students During the Coronavirus

This blog includes a guide of preventative measures to take as well response management tips when communicating with your students during the Coronavirus.

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[Blog] Communicating Through the Coronavirus: A Panel Q&A

During the Communicating Through the Coronavirus webinar, we had so many inquiries from attendees that we decided to format the Q&As into a blog series. Below is a summary of the questions we asked our panelists and brief versions of their responses. For full responses, please view the webinar above.

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[Webinar recording] Engaging Online and Continuing Ed Learners

Watch as Signal Vine’s CGO, Jeff Mutimer and Account Executive, Morgan Miller walkthrough Signal Vine’s platform and how it can be essential for communicating with students during this time.

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[Infographic] 5 Ways to Improve the Experiences of Online and Continuing Ed Students

As many institutions are moving online, we created an infographic that will help you improve the experiences of online and continuing ed students.

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Communicating effectively with your campus communities is of paramount importance right now

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