Improve Access to Financial Aid with Text Messaging

Simplify complicated financial aid questions

Nudge students to apply for scholarships and other financial aid opportunities to increase enrollment and help students persist.

Help reduce student loan defaults for high-risk borrowers

Send new loan applicants the right messages so they make informed decisions regarding their student loans and reduce borrowing.

Improve persistence with financial aid nudges

Create a higher education financial aid texting program to manage FAFSA deadlines and to improve persistence.

Financial aid texting examples

This process can be very complicated for students who are filing for the first time and/or who don’t have resources and assistance to complete the process. Update students with the right information on FAFSA deadlines and answer questions about requirements to simplify the process.

One of the biggest challenges incoming and current students face in their college career is the financial burden. Scholarships can make a huge impact, but a lot of students don’t know where to find these scholarship opportunities or how to apply for them.

Financial aid is a complex process, and understanding the award letter is a large piece of the puzzle. Inform students with award letter status updates to simplify the award process.

Hi Dan, this is your counselor! As of today you can now file for the FAFSA. Let me know if you have questions.
Do you know when I have to complete it by?
It will close at the end of June. If you have questions when you get started, let me know!
Thank you, I am sure I will.
Hi Dan. The 2019-20 scholarship application is live! Apply here: Do you have any questions?
Thanks, how much money am I eligible for?
Scholarships range from $1,000 to $5,000. Your award will depend on your academic performance and extracurricular activities.
Thanks, I'll submit by the end of the week.
Hi Dan. You should receive your award letter soon. Send me a photo of your letter once it arrives if you have any questions.
Thanks. Do you know the exact date I should expect it?
It looks like it should arrive anywhere from 6/10-6/15.
Thanks, I'll mark my calendar

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