Improve student retention

Create timely, personalized messages in a scalable way to improve student engagement and retention.

Identify the students who need additional help

Quickly identify which students need additional support with flagged replies in the Signal Vine platform.

Engage students in a scalable way

Use information from your CRM to create personalized text messages to large groups of students.

Retention texting examples

Not all students will reach out for help. Instead, proactively check-in with your students throughout the school year to surface any concerns and improve student engagement.

Help your students prepare for registration. First-year students may need more guidance as many have academic holds on their accounts or need guidance on courses.

Improve your retention rates by engaging your students. Remind students about upcoming activity fairs, advising appointments, and other events that improve engagement.

Hi Sarah. We're halfway through the semester so I wanted to check in to see how you're feeling. Anything I can help you with?
Hi. Actually I'm having a tough time finding the right activities and meeting new people.
That's understandable. I can help with that. Would you like to schedule an appointment so we can review some ideas?
Thank you. I will set up an appointment.
Hi Tom, this is Lisa, your advisor. Course registration opens on Monday at 7am. Do you have an academic hold on your account?
Yes I do.
That’s okay. I can help with that. Stop by my office today or tomorrow, and we can take care of it.
Thanks. I will stop by today.
Hi Rachel. Are you ready for midterms next week? We have lots of study tips and guides for de-stressing here: Do you want to connect with a tutor?
Yes, I'd like to find a tutor.
Happy to help. You can choose a tutor from the list on our portal here:
Thank you!

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