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Retention & Student Success

Student success relies on support. Academic support, financial support, and social support—or a lack thereof—all play a role in determining whether or not a student continues their path towards graduation and beyond. Signal Vine’s student success platform helps improve retention by flagging students who are struggling—enabling professional staff to send individualized messages to address those students’ needs.

Improve student retention with texting

With Signal Vine’s higher education texting platform, advisors use bi-directional messaging to keep students engaged throughout  the student life cycle. Our patented Blended Messaging® approach allows advisors to distribute personalized messages that are tailored to specific groups and individual students, ensuring that every student has the support they need throughout their academic journeys while making it easy for students to respond in the moment on the same channel or escalate to another method of communication.

Student success platform features

Engage 1:1 with students

A personal check-in text message to see how a student is faring emotionally, academically, and financially on campus could mean the difference between the student graduating or not graduating. Building relationships with students through 1:1 follow-ups is a great way to put them on the path toward success.

Identify students who need additional help

Quickly identify which students need additional assistance with flagged replies in the Signal Vine platform. Send personalized messages and encouragement to each student who submits a flagged response, ensuring that students feel supported when they need it the most.

Connect with students in a scalable way

Creating timely, personalized messages in a scalable way is a key component of successful student retention strategies. Using information from any system, you can distribute personalized text messages to large groups of students that are immediately relevant.

Student success and retention texting examples

Checking in throughout the semester is an excellent way to keep a pulse on your student body, strengthen your relationships with students, and build up their confidence. It also provides a great opportunity for students to surface any concerns they may have about classes, money, or campus life in general.

Registering for classes is always a process, but first-year and high-risk students may need more guidance. Use Signal Vine to reach out to students who have academic holds on their accounts or have asked for additional resources around course registration. At each step of the registration process, you’ll be able to distribute helpful instructions to select groups at scale.

Student success is important because it directly impacts retention rate. If it takes a village to raise a child, it takes an equally supportive community to nurture a successful student. Engage with your students and encourage them to participate in campus programs, both virtual and in-person. Sending reminders about advising appointments and mental health resources are excellent ways to point students to additional help if needed.

Hi Sara. It’s your advisor, Jeff. It’s the start of the new semester so I wanted to check in and see how you’re feeling. Anything I can help with?
I actually am having a hard time finding campus activities that I enjoy.
That's understandable. I can help with that. You can call 800-555-5555 to set up an appointment so we can review some ideas.
Thank you. I will set up an appointment.
Hi Sara! Reminder that course registration opens on Monday at 7am. Did you know you have an academic hold on your account?
I did not.
That’s okay. I can help with that. Stop by my office today or tomorrow, and we can take care of it.
Thanks. I will stop by today.
Hi Sara. Are you ready for midterms next week? We have lots of study tips and guides for de-stressing here: Do you want to connect with a tutor?
Yes, I'd like to find a tutor.
Happy to help. You can choose your tutor from the list on our portal using this link:
Thank you!

Student retention strategies that worked

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