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Communication for Colleges Returning in the Fall

by Molly O'Shaughnessy | April 20, 2021
Communication for Colleges Returning in the Fall

The Importance of Communication for Colleges Returning in the Fall

I know we’ve all heard the exciting news: colleges are hoping to return to normal in person classes in the fall! This is great news for students who have felt like they are not receiving the same experience or education in an online environment. This is seen in a University Business article saying that 72% of 18-24 old’s surveyed said in-person was the best way to earn a college degree.

However, colleges returning in the fall might be a scary and abrupt transition for some. There are students who have grown to like this new independent online setting. Schools need to think critically about how they want to communicate with students for this change next year.

Student Perspective

As a current student, I know that my main hope for this transition next year is that schools provide us with clear communication. This will be important for things like the requirements for masks or vaccines.

But even more important is that they prioritize us as students and show that they care about our wellbeing. Some students this year have felt that schools are more focused on their reputation rather than the mental health of their students. I hope that all schools use this time to focus on students' wellbeing as things are reverting back to “normal”.

“Check in” at the end of the summer

Since it is difficult for schools to gage how their students are feeling about this transition, I think that they need to begin the school year with a check in. One idea we have here at Signal Vine is that schools can send out a poll to students. This poll can determine how students are feeling about returning. If they send it out at the end of the summer, they can use the results to guide their communication and transition plan.

In order to ensure that this poll and information is reaching all students, texting could be a good means of communication. Sending a texting poll to the whole student body will ensure that all students have the equal opportunity to share their input and feelings to help the school prepare.

Similarly, as I mentioned earlier, communication is going to be extremely important for students in the next few months. I personally would love to receive a text message update from my university when they decide whether things like vaccines and masks are going to be required in the upcoming year. This communication helps students to feel prepared and cared for in this uncertain time.

Learn More

If you want to learn more about the importance of communication for college students, check out our resources page. Or, if you’re hoping to learn more about the importance of mental health during the pandemic, look at our blog that recaps our mental health webinar.

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Put the Best Practices to work with this practical guide to texting across the student journey.
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