[Webinar] How Texting, Automation, and AI Can Improve Guided Pathways

Learn how you can improve Guided Pathways at your institution

With more and more colleges using the Guided Pathways model to help enhance student success, there is an increased need for a solution to improve staff and student experience.

In this webinar, Signal Vine’s CEO Brian Kathman and Dr. Jacqueline S. Taylor and Dr. Nikita L. Ashford-Ashworth from Southwest Tennessee Community College explain how technology can be used to improve retention and enrollment. (Signal Vine and SWTCC’s session begins at 34:40).

Watch the webinar recordingĀ and learn:

  1. The model and demands of Guided Pathways
  2. The benefits of using nudge technology and Blended MessagingĀ® to help ease and enhance student communication
  3. How Southwest Tennessee Community College used automation to keep their Guided Pathways students on the path to success throughout their entire academic journey