The Minnesota Office of Higher Education has been using text messaging in its Summer Nudging program since 2016. The program, which is modeled after the Summer Melt research, reached 1,800 students at 300 different public schools last year. Students who sign up for the program get weekly text messages with information and support to help them get to college. They can opt to get text messages in English or in Spanish.

A recent NBC article shares more information about the program: “For educators, the goal is to eliminate the stigma surrounding summer melt that suggests students just aren’t ready for college. ‘Everybody needs a little bit of a reminder,’ Kat Klima [Program Director] told MPR. ‘And maybe the students who aren’t ‘ready’ haven’t been giving the access or the opportunity in their high school career.'”

In December, the Summer Nudging program released a music video to share the program with more students.

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