Nudge Technology and Higher Education Webinar

Learn how you can incorporate nudge technology at your institution

You’ve probably been hearing a lot about nudge technology in the higher education space recently and may have found yourself wondering why and how it relates to your role. In this webinar, Signal Vine’s two co-hosts, Keith O’Brien, EdTech Consultant, and Adam Warrington, the Director of Admissions at the Community College of Vermont, will go over some key questions you may be asking yourself:

What exactly is behavioral economics, and how can I apply nudging at my institution without reinventing the wheel? What does this even look like in action? Don’t worry – Keith and Adam have got you covered.


Watch the webinar today to learn:

  1. The history of nudge technology as it relates to behavioral economics
  2. The proper framework for applying nudge technology to improve student outcomes at your institution
  3. How the Community College of Vermont uses nudge technology to incorporate a seamless communication strategy across all student-facing departments
  4. The key successes and outcomes that the Community College of Vermont has seen through their use of nudge technology institution-wide
Nudge Technology and Higher Education