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Meet Jeff Mutimer, Signal Vine's New VP of Marketing

by Paige Roosien | March 6, 2018
Meet Jeff Mutimer, Signal Vine's New VP of Marketing

We’re thrilled to welcome a new member to our marketing team, Jeff Mutimer! Jeff joined Signal Vine only one week ago, bringing a plethora of skills to the team including lead generation, content development, and digital marketing. Get to know Jeff by reading his Q&A below:

Signal Vine: What attracted you to work in the higher education industry? 

Jeff Mutimer: I have a background in corporate education so there are a few similarities that make sense. In addition, I’ve had some amazing mentors who were administrators, counselors, and professors and this is a great opportunity to work with and get to know that audience. Higher ed is definitely facing some challenges today with enrollment, engagement and financial aid but just like other industries, I believe the we’ll evolve to meet those challenges. Signal Vine is making a quantifiable difference in each of those areas. When I think to the future of higher ed, I really liked what Jack Ma had to say about learned values, teamwork, and care for others.

SV: What attracted you to Signal Vine? 

JM: I was attracted to Signal Vine for two main reasons. First, the company culture is an amazing entrepreneurial environment. It really is the confluence of hustle, humor, and humility. The team enjoys working together and celebrating the many milestones that make our lives go, all while building a great business in the process. From meeting two dogs in the office to happy hour to a baby shower to Oscars predictions, in just a short time I’ve been lucky enough to experience a lot. Secondly, I was drawn to the opportunity to make a difference in higher education and to do so in the scalable way that the software offers. Connecting with students today and in the future is all about mobile communication that fits the way they live and work. Signal Vine is best positioned to get ahead of that communication opportunity and even beyond.

SV: What was your first cell phone? 

JM: This seems like the equivalent of asking me my age but here you go. My first phone was the Nokia 3310. I thought it was the coolest thing ever to have a phone that small. Interestingly, all my phones have progressively increased in size since then. I could have really used that traveling across Europe in college but they weren’t available, if you really want to know my age.

SV: Where are you from? 

JM: Reading, Pennsylvania. Wilson School District to be specific. It was a great place to grow up, with lots of farms, many close families on the same block and close friends. My group of 10 high school friends was in my wedding and we still get together every year at a cabin in PA. Wilson High School football rules!

SV: What books are currently on your nightstand? 

JM: Right now I’m reading Boys in the Boat about the US men’s rowing team leading into the 1936 Olympics. It’s an amazing story about everything these rowers overcame personally and athletically. It really moves quickly and is incredibly inspiring. Next up, I’m going lighter with Nick Offerman’s Gumption: Relighting The Torch of Freedom with America’s Gutsiest Troublemakers.

SV: What’s your favorite dog breed? We know you have one!

JM: It’s the German Short Haired-Pointer (GSP)! We love our GSP, Reese. He’s a high energy dog but if he gets that 45-minute workout he’s snuggling with everyone on the couch all night. He’s been great with our nearly two-year-old son and they have an unspoken agreement. Reese puts up with him pulling, poking, and riding in exchange for handouts from the highchair. He really is the most loyal, affectionate dog and an integral member of our family.

SV: What’s the one marketing tool that you can’t live without? 

JM: A well-managed CRM system. It’s the best source of intel about your customers (except for in-person conversations), your sales process, and the performance of all the work the marketing team is undertaking. If SEO, digital ads, campaigns, and keywords are measurable and contributing to the deals that the sales team is making, you’re doing it right. Your CRM is the best tool to measure and manage the financial success of that activity.

SV: Where have you traveled? What’s your favorite city? 

JM: I love traveling and have been to South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia and I lived in Spain for a year. I don’t know if I can name a favorite city but I will talk about the virtues of Tasmania, Australia to anyone that will listen.

Thanks, Jeff! We’re so excited to have you on the team.

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