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Signal Vine on Eduventures' "Five Companies to Watch" List

by Paige Roosien | April 6, 2017
Signal Vine on Eduventures'

Earlier this week, Eduventures released its 5 EdTech Companies to Watch report. We're happy to announce that Signal Vine made Eduventures' list! We’re excited and honored for the recognition. You can read the full article below.

This quarter’s list highlights EdTech companies “that stand out for innovative approaches to fostering connectedness between students, faculty, alumni, and each other.” The four other companies that also made the list are D2LKalturaPragya Systems and GiveCampus.

Signal Vine made Eduventures' List '5 EdTech Companies to Watch'

Below is a quick excerpt from the list on Signal Vine’s text platform:

From the student perspective, all conversations appear as a single conversation thread about any topic, from financial aid to class registration to career services. On the other end of the conversation, however, might be an entire team of institutional staff that are collaborating and selectively responding to questions from the student based on their area of responsibility or expertise.

It's true. The Signal Vine texting platform helps staff assist students through their phones or computers. However, from the student's perspective, the conversation happens in a single thread. With our blend of texting, automation, and AI, as well as Blended Messaging®, Signal Vine helps staff to connect with students.

Thanks, Eduventures, for recognizing Signal Vine! Also, we want to congratulate the other four companies that made the list.

Want to read the full article about the 5 companies to watch? Read the full article here.

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Put the Best Practices to work with this practical guide to texting across the student journey.
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