Your Back-To-School Supplies: New Signal Vine Features!

by Katie Flood | September 18, 2017
Your Back-To-School Supplies: New Signal Vine Features!

With a near school year starting, we want to prepare everyone for success. From your feedback, we update our platform to make it the best it can be to make your jobs easier. So what better way to start the school year than with two new signal vine features that make texting even easier? Take a sneak peek below of Quick Message and the Signal Support Center, then log in to your Signal Vine account to get started.

New Signal Vine features

Introducing Quick Message…

Do you want to text an entire group of students on the fly? An entire program or department? Better yet, do you want to personalize every message to every student? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then Quick Message is for you!

Use Quick Message to send or schedule texts to your entire program, one or more groups, or selected students. Pull in participant profile data to take your text messages to the next level. A button is available on every screen to help you easily send a text to one student, or many, with personalization.

…and the Signal Support Center!

Click on the green Signal Vine squiggle at the bottom right of your screen to access a brand new knowledge base built right into the platform. Watch video guides, explore step-by-step tutorials, and search for frequently asked questions. 

Log in to your Signal Vine account today to check both supplies off of your back-to-school list! You’ll have everything you need to jump into this school year more prepared than ever.

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