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For Colleges and Universities, Not Listening Is No Longer An Option

by Ashley Belz | June 3, 2021
For Colleges and Universities, Not Listening Is No Longer An Option

ALEXANDRIA, VA., June 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- A powerful new engagement solution, Signal Vine's Voice of the Student®, allows colleges and universities to glean fresh, real-time insights into students' thinking -- their needs, desires and academic aspirations. Institutions are using those insights to engage students and deliver more fulfilling student experiences.

Voice of the Student® addresses a persistent challenge in higher education that became more pronounced during the pandemic: how to meaningfully engage prospective students and undergraduates.

Analyzing themes from student communications allows institutions to take action on student body priorities, views, and interests.

Hearing Student Voices

Voice of the Student® leverages SMS technology, artificial intelligence, and advanced analytics to illuminate students' concerns, preferences and aspirations. Going further, the application creates pathways to advance dialogue between students and institutions -- and more meaningful engagement.

Voice of the Student® is built on a revolutionary two-way text messaging platform, Signal Vine, used by hundreds of institutions. Analyzing data generated by that platform, Voice of the Student® functions as an aggregated data catalog that sorts, categorizes and segments threads and exchanges of students' conversations. The application identifies how and where students need support and guidance, from high school applicant to post-graduate alum.

"Signal Vine's text messaging enables staff to meet students where they are, and Voice of the Student® ensures that their voices are heard," said Brian Kathman, CEO and Founder.

Meeting Students Where They Are

Voice of the Student® answers a perennial question: how to engage students in ways that are specific and scalable. "Students have been clear that they want to be heard by their institutions. Voice of the Student® provides higher education leaders with a direct, scalable way to uncover the issues that impact the student experience, retention, and completion," said Jeff Mutimer, Chief Revenue Officer.

A Powerful Tool

A recent analysis by Signal Vine of 417,000 SMS messages from 567 institutions confirmed Voice of the Student® as a powerful tool with the capability to:

  • Extract valuable, insightful data
  • Identify paths to effective programs and processes
  • Improve students' experience
  • Align students' needs and staff support
  • Funnel "redundant questions" to automated systems
  • By strengthening student engagement, Voice of the Student® promotes institutional affiliation, retention and engagement after graduation. The tool also informs institutions' strategic decision-making, including where and how to invest limited resources.

"Voice of the Student® gives customers unique insights into the thoughts of students, providing higher education leaders a tangible basis for addressing institutional concerns and investing in opportunities -- without the typical uncertainty that often hinders progress at post-secondary institutions," said Kathman.


Ashley Belz, Marketing Associate

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