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Signal Vine and ideas42’s New Tools Make Scaling Student Communications Easier for Higher Education Administrators

by Colleen Callahan | July 19, 2021
Signal Vine and ideas42’s New Tools Make Scaling Student Communications Easier for Higher Education Administrators

WASHINGTON, D.C., UNITED STATES, July 19, 2021 / -- Signal Vine, an AI-powered, two-way texting platform for higher education leaders, and non-profit behavioral design lab ideas42 today announced the launch of a new scalable messaging-based tool, the CCG (Custom Campaign Generator), to enhance student communications at schools across the United States. The behaviorally informed text messaging tool aims to address the challenges inherent in scaling behavioral interventions and student success communications by empowering implementers to adapt and tailor evidence-based innovations for their students.

Using Signal Vine’s trusted Blended MessagingⓇ platform and building on years of research conducted by ideas42 on how and when to best support students on their path to graduation, the CCG leverages Signal Vine’s deep expertise in communication with ideas42’s innovative behavioral approach to successfully guiding students through the student journey.

The CCG provides administrators with customized message templates—based on localized details—tailored to fit an institution’s communications needs. The CCG tool integrates ideas42's track record of effectively applying behavioral insights for student success into a prominent messaging platform using easy-to-adopt guidance for time-pressed administrators. It includes tips for tailoring content to their local student and campus contexts, and tools for tracking effectiveness.

Alongside the rollout of the CCG, ideas42 also announced the Student Success Academy, a new masterclass series for college and university administrators to deepen their understanding of human behavior and leverage insights to improve student persistence. Over five sessions in fall 2021, the Student Success Academy will introduce higher education professionals to the foundational principles of behavioral science and equip participants with a framework for identifying behavioral barriers and designing solutions to overcome them, and practical tools for incorporating behavior change strategies into existing and new student success work at their schools. Signal Vine customers will be given priority registration access.

"Innovations like the Custom Campaign Generator and masterclass series are exactly why this partnership is so valuable to everyone pursuing new solutions to the old problems hindering student success. We know texting is the most effective channel to engage students and deliver these behavioral interventions, and the research has proven this out. But regular texting is not enough, meaningful positive results require the combination of automation and personalization with authentic human interactions. This is the power of Blended Messaging® and the key to making innovations like CCG so successful," said Brian Kathman, CEO of Signal Vine. "We are a mission-driven, impact-focused organization obsessed with student outcomes. Signal Vine’s origin was based on the original, ground-breaking Nudge research and ideas42 is the perfect partner to scale the impact of texting and behavioral science across the entire Higher Education sector. Their work and team are an inspiration, and the positive impact these innovations will deliver for schools and their students is breathtaking."

“At its core, ideas42’s work here aims to meaningfully promote pathways to student persistence across the U.S. using insights from behavioral science that administrators can easily integrate into their work,” said Cassie Taylor, Vice President and a leader of the Education portfolio at ideas42. “The new Custom Campaign Generator and our novel Student Success Academy offer school leaders the simplest ways yet to learn from, adapt, tailor, and scale over a decade of research and insight for their students.”

Ready to see the platform? Request a demo to speak with a member of Signal Vine.
Ready to see the platform? Request a demo to speak with a member of Signal Vine.
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