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Signal Vine Announces Partnership with the Child & Family Network Centers

by Paige Roosien | October 21, 2019
Signal Vine Announces Partnership with the Child & Family Network Centers


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Signal Vine pledges to “#droptheswag” and donate to local Alexandria, Va., nonprofit in lieu of purchasing conference giveaway items

ALEXANDRIA, Va. – Signal Vine, the leading provider of blended SMS communications with students across the education industry, has announced a new mission-driven partnership with the Child & Family Network Centers (CFNC). In lieu of purchasing giveaway items for distribution to booth visitors at conferences and events, the company has pledged to donate the money to CFNC as part of its “#droptheswag” initiative.

Since 1984, CFNC has worked to deliver quality education to at-risk children. To date, it is the only nonprofit organization in Alexandria, Virginia, to provide free, quality, bilingual preschool and family support for the area’s working poor. The organization supports a critical audience that would otherwise be ineligible to receive services from programs such as Head Start. CFNC currently serves 139 children and their families in eight preschool classrooms.

Signal Vine chose to partner with CFNC because of their shared mission: to provide support to the students who need it.

Brian Kathman, CEO of Signal Vine, further explained the company’s partnership with CFNC.

“We are honored to partner with an organization that does so much for our students here in Alexandria,” said Kathman. “As a company, we realized how wasteful our spending was on conference giveaway items that ultimately ended up in the trash as many giveaway items do. It didn’t make sense to us. Instead, we’d rather see that money be invested in our collective future the children who benefit so greatly from the services that the Child & Family Network Centers provide.”

"CFNC's preschool program is not only the foundation for kindergarten and elementary school - we are preparing our students for life," said CFNC's Executive Director, Lisa Carter. "Many of our students will not only be the first in their family to go to college or graduate from high school but the first to read or write. We're excited to partner with Signal Vine, who so clearly understands the link between high-quality early education and higher ed."

Signal Vine is the leading higher education AI messaging platform transforming how higher education institutions reach, support and engage students throughout their academic life cycles. With more than 50 million student interactions, Signal Vine’s Blended Messaging® personalizes engagement using AI, workflow automation, and one-to-one messaging to keep students on the path to success. Signal Vine has been improving enrollment and retention outcomes with a proactive approach across the entire campus and student life cycle.

To learn more about this initiative, visit

To make a donation to the Child & Family Network Centers, visit

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