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Press Release

Signal Vine Growth Fueled by Newly Patented Two-Way Text Messaging and AI Platform for Higher Education

by Paige Roosien | August 28, 2019
Signal Vine Growth Fueled by Newly Patented Two-Way Text Messaging and AI Platform for Higher Education


Rachel Hicks, Senior Marketing Associate

Signal Vine

(703) 718-5987


Signal Vine, the leading provider of blended SMS communication to students across the education industry, announced today that demand for its newly patented two-way text messaging platform is fueling its 50 percent year-over-year growth in higher education.

Signal Vine was awarded US Patent 10,311,037 covering the company’s Blended Messaging® approach, which combines one-to-one communication, highly targeted proactive nudges, scheduled and event-triggered message sending and an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered Virtual Advisor chatbot. Signal Vine’s unique Blended Messaging® technology allows for automated AI messaging, and more importantly, timely and personalized message conversations that build relationships and help students reach their education goals.

“Leading higher education executives realize that texting with students is a must, but the question is how to do it at scale while still building strong student relationships,” said Signal Vine CEO Brian Kathman. “We have figured out how to humanize AI, allowing departments across higher education institutions to ensure the right message reaches the right student at the right time during a very noisy time in their lives. Many education leaders agree that technology, like a chatbot, is only one part of the solution. Signal Vine’s Blended Messaging® approach incorporates AI/chatbot technology into a more comprehensive messaging solution.

Signal Vine is the leading higher education AI messaging platform transforming how to reach, support, and engage students throughout their academic life cycle. With more than 50 million student interactions, Signal Vine has produced 11 percent increases in student matriculation rates and 20 percent increases in retention rates. The company’s partner institutions include colleges and universities such as the University of California San Diego and The University of Pittsburgh; leading community colleges like Southwest Tennessee Community College; K-12 Districts like Indianapolis Public Schools and the San Francisco Unified School District and college access organizations such as America Achieves.

To learn more, visit or view a demo video.

How is nudge technology being used in higher education?
How is nudge technology being used in higher education?
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