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How it works

Refer a friend or colleague to Signal Vine and let them know you referred them. You'll qualify for a coffee gift card just for submitting and will be eligible for additional rewards if your referral becomes a customer.

Enter referral information

Simply enter the valid .edu or .org email address of a friend or colleague, let your friend know you referred them and you will earn a $5 coffee gift card just for submitting. We'll send your referral the email example below.

When referrals become customers

For every referral that becomes a customer, we will send you a $100 gift card or team lunch of your choosing for the same amount.

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Referral's Information

Message to your referral

After submitting your referral, we’ll reach out with the following message:

Hi <first name>,

I’m reaching out at the suggestion of [your first name, your last name] at [institution] to introduce you to Signal Vine’s student engagement platform. We work with hundreds of institutions to nudge students on important deadlines and events and to build engagement with counselors and advisors. Our customers report higher levels of student engagement that contribute directly to higher enrollment and retention rates.

[your first name] is a customer of Signal Vine and thought you might be interested to learn more about our platform. Would you have a few minutes for an introduction and demo?

The fine print

Participation is limited to current customers of Signal Vine. Referrals must be current administration employees of a higher education institution or college access organization. Participation lasts while the program is active.

Higher education's leading engagement platform

Reach students where they operate most

All the benefits of AI with a human approach

Signal Vine's Blended Messaging® approach allows you to connect CRM or SIS data to segment and personalize student communication. Schedule your messages and automate responses to save time while quickly identifying those responses that require an individual approach.

Research-backed results

Signal Vine is the foundational platform for nudge research. Researchers at Harvard University were able to demonstrate an 11% increase in matriculation and a 20% increase in persistence using the Signal Vine platform. Today, hundreds of organizations have demonstrated the same ability to guide students and reach enrollment goals.

Easy to use, simple to scale

Coordinated campus-wide communication allows institutions to improve student experience and ensure successful outreach. Our dedicated customer success team is ready to provide guidance on delivery and best-practice messaging so that you can be the messaging hero at your institution.