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See how using Signal Vine can help you:

Engage more students

Extend your reach to a new, effective channel that engages large groups of students with personalized messages.

Streamline your workload

Automate outreach and responses to students without additional processes or resources from your team.

Add to your student data

Add data from your text communication to student profiles and maintain a secure record of communication.

Meet your enrollment goals

Identify the groups of students who require additional support, by automating outreach, so that you can meet your enrollment goals.

See how Signal Vine is used across campus including:

Admissions and Enrollment

Communicate across the admissions funnel including prospects, applicants, admitted students, and enrollees.

Financial Aid

Connect students to the personalized resources they need to make smart financial choices.

Advising and Retention

Help your students persist through college by providing them with the support they need, when they need it.

Alumni Engagement

Cultivate relationships with alumni and connect them to campus resources.