Academic Advising Techniques: What I Wish My Advisor Knew

by Jessica Perkins | May 24, 2016
Academic Advising Techniques: What I Wish My Advisor Knew

There's always some task hanging over my head during the school year. I think most students will agree with me on that. Whether it's upcoming registration dates, financial aid deadlines, or class approvals, there's always something for students to do - but for some reason, we just don't. I often put off tasks because I'm unsure what exactly I need to do. Other times, I forget about tasks altogether. Like many students, I have limited communication with my advisor. Sometimes I think, "I really need to email my advisor," and yet I rarely do it. From working at Signal Vine, I have picked up academic advising techniques that I wish my advisor knew that would help with this problem.

Academic Advisor Text Message

Academic Advising Techniques You Should Know

I get mass email updates every day from my university. When I occasionally get an important email, I've unfortunately gotten into the bad habit of automatically tossing it into the trash before I even open it. Receiving too many unnecessary emails takes away from the information I actually need to read.

My university also sends emergency texts, which are the only messages that I open 100% of the time. I know it's urgent because it's a text. You can't throw a text into the trash the way that you can so easily do with an email.

I would be much more on top of picking classes and filling out forms if my academic advisor texted me. Text reminders would be especially helpful when deadlines are coming up.

Every student needs a little nudge every now and then. When advisors initiate conversations in a personalized and direct text message, students are more likely to reach out for the help they need.

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