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Signal Vine Integrations

Signal Vine Integrations

At Signal Vine, we understand the power of communication—not only between people and groups, but between platforms. Easily integrate Signal Vine with your organization’s existing tools, including but not limited to CRM, SIS and LMS information. Explore how you can enhance your view of students and alumni across their educational journey with Signal Vine.

Our higher education texting platform meets the specific needs of education professionals. Our 1:1 and 1:many text messaging solutions allow administrators, counselors, professional and education staff to send personalized messaging at scale and communicate with learners in an engaging way. Once messages are sent, users also receive valuable information back, providing data for institution specific, nuanced decision making. The feedback loop between platforms enhances your communication with valuable stakeholders.

Data Integrations


Set up an automated import to safely and securely transfer your data to Signal Vine. Need data to come back into your systems? We can do that, too.


Working with your IT department, you transfer data in real time between your systems and Signal Vine.

Manual Upload

Update your data at any time - just log in and upload your file. Manual uploads are always available and require minimal setup.

Signal Vine can work with any platform


With our native Salesforce apps, you can seamlessly share data between Salesforce and Signal Vine. Our apps support standard and custom objects, include field-level options for how to share and can even create tasks when you get new messages. Our premium package, SV Messaging, can even allow you to send messages, manage your inbox and view your message calendar without ever leaving Salesforce

The Signal Vine Salesforce integration saves staff time and builds a holistic view of the student by capturing responses and syncing them back to Salesforce.


Securely sync your data with Workday using SFTP. Connect your admissions, financial aid, student records, advising information, and more.

Oracle / PeopleSoft Campus Solutions

Easily sync your data with Oracle through secure, reliable SFTP. Map custom field data between Signal Vine and Oracle and share data between both platforms to get a broad view of each student and alumni across their educational journey.


Imagine enhancing a student’s profile with conversation data. With secure file transfer between Signal Vine and Ellucian, users can understand and track student engagement, view behavior and identify signals that suggest the right time to engage. Users have the ability to automatically and bidirectionally sync data and map custom field data.


Support the full education life cycle for students by transferring Slate data into your Signal Vine account. View and track student engagement and know when to get in touch. Enhance your segmentation by targeting the right students at the right time.

Blackboard (Learn and Ultra)

Signal Vine users can securely sync data files between Blackboard and Signal Vine, as well as map custom field data. Scheduling multiple syncs a day ensures the LMS data in Signal Vine is always up-to-date.

Instructure Canvas

A crucial element of student engagement happens within the classroom. Bringing Canvas data into Signal Vine allows users to alert students of changes, engage inactive students or remind them about upcoming tasks. Each engagement data point works to develop a holistic profile of their educational journey.


Enhance your advising and student success efforts by integrating Signal Vine with Starfish using SFTP. Integrate data between the two platforms safely and regularly to achieve access, retention, and completion goals.

The right inputs for better outputs

Our goal at Signal Vine is to improve the academic experience at every milestone of a learner’s life. Relevant, constant communication is key to building rapport between organizations, students and alumni. Integrations are one of the many ways we empower our customers to leverage personalized communication to meet their access, retention, and completion goals. Our customers have improved student engagement, increased matriculation rates, and achieved fundraising goals with the help of Signal Vine.

Meet our customers

Interested in learning more about how leaders are using our platform? Here are a few Signal Vine customers who have used our text messaging software to improve student engagement and achieve their goals in higher education. Signal Vine Success Stories

Connect with your students, prospects, and alumni at each stage of their educational journey.

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