Signal Vine ReEngage™: An Enrollment and Retention Solution

Signal Vine ReEngage™

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Unlike other stop-out and retention programs, Signal Vine® enables institutions to drive measurable gains in enrollment and retention while collecting actionable insights to make an impact with students. Our proprietary solution combines deep education expertise and Blended Messaging® to renew the connection with students and optimize your staff resources. Signal Vine ReEngage™ reconnects the relationship between the institution and students to provide custom insight on the obstacles between the student and the completion of their education.

A technology powered solution for game changing insight

The Problem: One third of college students that start a credential do not finish. That is, 35M+ adults in the US have started but not completed their college credential.

Staff use Signal Vine's Blended Messaging® approach to quickly identify which students are ready for assistance. Our Voice of the Student® analysis will further point to which students have chosen other paths and which need support to make one of the most important decisions of their life.

Engaging In Conversations; Improving Outcomes

Students are not trends or benchmarks. When we listen, students will tell us what they need, feel, or fear. Enabling us to respond with the right solution for their unique situation.

ReEnaging Stopped-Out Students

SOWELA was looking for an effective communication channel that would streamline their conversations with stopped out students while also understanding why they weren't returning. Before Signal Vine, SOWELA had been utilizing a mailer with an incentive without success. They opted for Signal Vine ReEngage™ to increase the relevance and personalization of their messages and to respond quickly.

Connecting Stopped-Out Students To Aid

Cincinnati State had thousands of students with outstanding balances who had left the institution without a degree. After a multi-part social and email campaign offering HEERF dollars to wipe out the debt and get them reenrolled, many of the students had not responded and left thousands of dollars on the table. A one touch Signal Vine ReEngage™ outreach had over 300 students respond, and over 100 students indicate where they were struggling with logins, paperwork, and degree planning.

Providing Windows of Opportunities

For All Students, One Student At A Time

Signal Vine is the leading higher education AI messaging platform transforming how you reach, support, and engage students throughout their life cycle. With more than 50 million student interactions, Signal Vine’s Blended Messaging® approach personalizes engagement and provides the flexibility to use AI, workflow automation, or one-to-one messaging to keep students on the path to success.

Signal Vine ReEngage™ Is Designed To:

Signal Vine improves enrollment and retention outcomes with a proactive approach across the entire campus and student life cycle.


with the student where they are most likely to respond, text.


automation to understand students’ plans.


students through the re-enrollment process.


the student to the right institutional team member to answer individual questions.


why students are or are not taking action.


on process, staffing, and messaging to meet the changing needs of your students.

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